Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm Not an Alcoholic, Alcoholics Go To Meetings

Yeah, so, in my last post towards the end, I made a comment about how alcohol helps with social anxiety.

What I failed to account for is how it affects the social anxiety of everyone else I am engaged with in social contexts, and that's where I was utterly full of shit.  After two separate incidents of people calling me on my bullshit this week, I'm going to stop drinking anywhere that I drive to, completely, to begin with.  After avoiding it for a while, I may see about having one or two beers or whatnot, and then stopping.  At this point I don't yet know if I'm capable of that, which in itself is frightening, of course.

Even when I'm at home and not going anywhere, I'm going to cut back big time, unless I'm simply in a lot of pain.  But it's become clear to me that drunk Keith is not as fun as drunk Keith thought, and sober me doesn't like him very much either.  So he's going away, for a while at the very least.

Always cherish friends who take the risk of telling you truths you don't want to hear, and do them the courtesy of listening.  They cared enough to not just write me off, so they deserve the honor of having their concerns addressed.

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