Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interlude: An apology

I wanted to take a moment to apologize to those I have subtly or obnoxiously influenced in the past to lend credence to supernatural, paranormal, or otherwise unjustifiable beliefs and claims about the way the world works.  I know that I have had such discussions with many people over the years and I believed that way myself, so I wasn't consciously deceiving anyone.  I was deceiving myself however, and that carried on to others.  I have done all of you a great disservice.

(Not that I think I necessarily am that great an orator or arguer, but for whatever effectiveness in that respect I have had, I feel badly about it.)


  1. This has been an interesting and provocative public self-examination
    (or at least a chronicle of what has already happened).

    I'd offer encouragement, but I don't know that you need it.